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Professional Tarmacadam Surfaced Car Parks for Business

tarmacadam car parks

Chesterton Surfacing tarmacadam contractors design and surface car parks for business and residential use.

Our highly experienced staff surface dress car parks quickly, efficiently and to the highest possible standards.  Whether you are resurfacing a car park or looking to design a new car park, we can offer advice on layout and specification.

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Some of the benefits of asphalt and tarmacadam car parks include:

  • Hard wearing scuff resistant parking spaces.
  • Cost effective. Properly maintained tarmacadam car parks can last for 20 years or more.
  • The opportunity to design and precisely layout the available parking space to maximise car park capacity.
  • Always smart and tidy even during the worst weather.  Our customer service team can advise you on the choice of materials to ensure the right balance of water run-off and resistance to ice forming.
  • Business ready and professional appearance.
  • Design options for driveways include various tarmacadam colours, paved borders line colour and weight, drainage and more.  Chesterton Surfacing can guide you on the all of these considerations using our years of experience.

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